Our goals:
  • Build the world's most modern livestock farms
  • To produce milking parlors and agricultural machinery using the latest technological developments
  • Introduce effective energy-saving technologies for feeding and keeping cattle on livestock farms
  • Provide only best solutions for our clients

Our “Turn-key” service contain:

  • Dairy-milking block with offices
  • Cowshed with dry cows and maternity wards.
  • New herd’s cowshed
  • Heat detection system
  • Calf hut canopy
  • Set of agricultural machinery
  • Parking
  • Resting area
  • Farm’s territory landscaping

  • Disinfection barrier
  • Silage trenches
  • Hay and straw sheds
  • Autoscales
  • Fluid collectors
  • Frame automobile disinfection barrier
  • Transformer substation
  • Artswell
  • Water tower
  • Fire tank

Cow’s keeping

Cows keeping in groups, loose, inside of cowsheds with straw litters.

Cow’s feeding

Up to half of the daily norm of concentrated feed are dosed to the dairy cows individually and automatically inside of milking parlor.

Milking cows