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  • To produce milking parlors and agricultural machinery using the latest technological developments
  • Introduce effective energy-saving technologies for feeding and keeping cattle on livestock farms
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“MooMonitor+” Cow’s heat detection system

MooMonitor+ is a wireless wearable system that is worn on a cow’s neck. It allows farmers to monitor heat, resting, feeding, restlessness, rumination and wellness 24×7. When the system detects sick cows it sends an immediate notification direct to the farmer’s phone. The advantage of this is that farmers, employees, vets, breeders and nutritionists can all have secure up to the minute access to farm information allowing for informed and timely decisions. Rumination data gives the farmer a great indication of animal welfare. The system pushes animal behavioral alerts making a farmer aware when it detects changes in behavior which may indicate illness. This allows early intervention, reduced antibiotic usage and better recovery rates on farm. As a result, the MooMonitor+ has saved many cows around the world making an even faster return on investment.

Health monitoring:

Improving your cow’s fertility with “MooMonitor+” means more calves, healthier cows and higher production.

Amazing battery life:

Battery life of up to 10 years.

Superior range:

Covers a range of 1,000m+. Pick up data from additional farm buildings and large pasture areas.

Easy to use:

Assign a collar by simply scanning the tag with a compatible phone. Easily update your cow’s details without having to go back to the office!

Accurate heat detection:

Every farmer wants easy and accurate heat detection, more calves at the right time and the best genetics…this is now possible with “MooMonitor+”!

2-Sided Communication:

Have your herd in your pocket! Our mobile app allows 2-Sided communication which removes the need to go back to the office!

Assigning a collar to a cow has never been easier!

Health & Fertility

Your herd is in your pocket...

A farmer cannot be with their cows 24/7! Farmers need reliable accurate systems to identify various health events and cows in heat. The MooMonitor+ system is the ultimate management tool that gives a farmer accurate information at their fingertips. It gives you data to make the right decisions at the right time. Offering you convenience as you can access anytime, anywhere.


  • ✔ Vital for farm profitability.
  • ✔ Shorter calving interval increases output.
  • ✔ Higher submission rates.
  • ✔ Less labor.
  • ✔ Selectively breeding the best cows and culling underperforming cows.


  • ✔ Better management of dry and fresh cows.
  • ✔ Earlier detection of pain, disease and distress.
  • ✔ Return sick cows to production faster.
  • ✔ Fast return on investment.


  • ✔ Indicator of health and wellness.
  • ✔ Early detection of illness and better response to therapy.
  • ✔ Reduced use of antibiotics with supportive therapy.
  • ✔ Reduced cow sales, culls and deaths.


  • ✔ Enhances heat detection.
  • ✔ Detect changes in behavior.
  • ✔ Round the clock monitoring means shorter or subtler changes may be detected.


  • ✔ For cows that are housed, comfort is important.
  • ✔ Adequate resting times indicate contentment and health, however, excessive resting time can indicate illness.
  • ✔ Resting times tell us how the cow is feeling.
  • ✔ Greater resting reduces lameness and increases milk production.


  • ✔ Production is directly linked to feeding.
  • ✔ Monitor feeding behavior. Indication of DMI (Dry Matter Intake) for dry and freshly calved cows.
  • ✔ Time spent eating per day.

If you want the best heat and animal health monitoring on your farm call us today for more information.

Access for demo-version of “MooMonitor+” application provides after client’s request on e-mail bugattisrl@cgn.legalmail.it