“CleanSweep” Automatic Scraper System

Our goals:
  • Build the world's most modern livestock farms
  • To produce milking parlors and agricultural machinery using the latest technological developments
  • Introduce effective energy-saving technologies for feeding and keeping cattle on livestock farms
  • Provide only best solutions for our clients

"CleanSweep” Automatic Scraper System

Dairymaster manufactures “CleanSweep” automatic scrapper systems for meat, dairy and pig farms all over the world. Today the scrapers are used by both small farm families and large dairy complexes.

Dairymaster’s “CleanSweep” scraper systems of track type are very reliable, easy in usage and they are not demanding for maintenance. We provide several variants of technical solutions depending on your farm’s requests and requirements.

“CleanSweep” Scraper system will fit for cows in loose housing for cleaning manure from dung alleys.

As our research results shows, dung alleys have to be cleaned at least three times per day. Using Dairymaster’s “CleanSweep” automatic scraper system you will achieve:

  • Significant reduction of labor intensity
  • Keeping optimal hygiene standards in milking cowshed
  • Reducing risks of infectious mastitis
  • Reducing SCC amount in milk
  • Optimization of conditions for cattle keeping
  • Reducing hoof infection cases
  • Reduction in the occurrence of interdigital, warty and calcaneal dermatitis

Hydraulic Power Pack & Controls

  • ✔ The power unit has been designed for robustness and longevity.

  • ✔ The design has been well proven and is reliable.

  • ✔ It’s quick to install and low maintenance.

  • ✔ High quality materials in the hydraulic unit include stainless steel and
    an advanced polymers, which offer better appearance for years to come.

  • ✔ Ducting and hosing is neatly mounted keeping the installation tidy.

  • ✔ Design is very versatile – the digital control is designed to control up to eight passages with many
    unique features including passage waiting, temporary inhibit, multiple park positioning, plus much more.

Key Features & Benefits

  • ✔ Outstanding flexibility.
  • ✔ Passages can be cleaned individually.
  • ✔ Odd numbers of passages can be easily accommodated.
  • ✔ Passages can be unequal in length.
  • ✔ Passages do not have to be parallel.
  • ✔ Passages can be at right angles.

SpaceSaver Rambox

Dairymaster has designed its scraper systems so that when you are installing a scraper system in an existing building, in many situations preparation work is not required, which results in easier installation and lower construction costs. Hydraulic hoses are routed to the power unit via a sealed pipe, which further protects them from degradation. The Rambox is constructed using heavy gauge stainless steel which will mean a longer working life. Each track is formed from heavy gauge steel and has a guide rail which is anchored at two points using self-expanding high tensile bolts.

Heavy Duty Scraper Saddle

The extra weight in the Dairymaster saddle ensures a better scrape with each cycle. Our Double Ratchet mechanism reduces false tripping and allows wider and longer passages to be cleaned. There is a range of heavy duty scraper saddles available to suit the needs of all types of passages.