Our goals:
  • Build the world's most modern livestock farms
  • To produce milking parlors and agricultural machinery using the latest technological developments
  • Introduce effective energy-saving technologies for feeding and keeping cattle on livestock farms
  • Provide only best solutions for our clients

“FeedMax” Scraper

The Dairymaster “Feedmax” Scraper keeps feed pushed up to the livestock on a preprogrammed schedule. This refreshes feed automatically, just like when it was first dispensed. The result is that livestock may eat more often, and a higher intake of feed can increase the production of the herd.

  • Programmable for 24 hour round the clock operation
  • Pushes and refreshes feed for livestock.
  • Automatically folds up for drive over accessibility.

Drive over accessibility

Automatically folds up for drive over accessibility in the shed! If you want higher yields and less work, then the Dairymaster Feedmax System is the system for you!

Key features & benefits

  • ✔ Labor saving - Ideal for outside farm.
  • ✔ Very low running costs.
  • ✔ Helps to stop feed from going stale which results in better nutrition. It also helps reduce the risk of mycotoxins forming.
  • ✔ Reduces the risk of feed contamination from machinery – better feed intake and less waste.
  • ✔ Fully automated and can run 24 hours a day in multiple feed alleys.
  • ✔ Folds up neatly to allow machinery to pass over it.
  • ✔ A robust and simple system that ensures fresh feed is always available to every cow.
  • ✔ Customizable and can be fitted to any feed alley.