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  • To produce milking parlors and agricultural machinery using the latest technological developments
  • Introduce effective energy-saving technologies for feeding and keeping cattle on livestock farms
  • Provide only best solutions for our clients

Milk cooling equipment "SwiftCool"

Milk cooling is of vital importance as milk is the number one source of income on every dairy farm.
Many customers have been looking at ways of increasing profitability on their dairy farms and as milk cooling can account for up to 40% of electricity costs on farm it was evident that this was an area which could be improved. We have applied our design and engineering expertise to improve milk cooling efficiency and performance. Advanced skills in mechanical engineering, refrigeration, electronics and software were used to develop the new range of tanks. Dairymaster has dedicated a new part of its state-of-the-art factory to this manufacturing line which is computer controlled to ensure high quality precision engineering.

Superior Insulation & Construction
The Dairymaster SwiftCool Milk Tanks have 20% thicker insulation as standard resulting in less heat loss. There is extremely low thermal conductivity with our insulation and it is an environmentally friendly low GWP foam system.
The tanks are manufactured in house at Dairymaster’s global headquarters in Co. Kerry and are constructed from a thicker steel than standard with laser welded evaporator plates. Each tank has a sturdy chassis design and each leg of the tank is rated to 12 tones.

Control Options

"Digi control"

Advanced electronics...
...Simple push-button control

  • Large LED digital display

  • Color coded LED’s to denote operating mode

  • User/Service can customize parameters

  • Wash water based on level or time

  • Soft-start Lite cooling

Why invest in "Digi Control"?

  • ✔ Easy in usage

  • ✔ Efficient and intelligent cooling

  • ✔ Powerful blockage free washing

  • ✔ Sturdy construction

  • ✔ Self-washing outlet

  • ✔ Detergent monitoring

  • ✔ Precision temperature measuring

  • ✔ Temperature recording

  • ✔ Scroll compressors

  • ✔ Condensing unit oil separator

  • ✔ Condensing unit Fan speed control

Instant contact with “Cool Control”

The SwiftCool system allows you to communicate directly with your tank wherever you are via SMS messaging for your peace of mind. The continuous monitoring and reporting allows instant access to information on the current status of the tank while the two-way SMS communication provides immediate control. The user can input two mobile phone numbers that the system will recognize & respond to.
  • ✔ Continuous monitoring & reporting.

  • ✔ Remote control.

  • ✔ Query status.

  • ✔ Send commands.

  • ✔ Faster service response.

Using the CoolControl intelligent control system, the SwiftCool milk tank continuously monitors the tank conditions, keeping focus on the optimum care of your milk. By monitoring the level and temperature readings, and by comparing these readings with the time of day and the recent operating modes, the system ‘knows’ what operating mode it should be in. The system can then automatically switch mode and/ or alert you via SMS.

Control Options

In addition to the continuous monitoring of the tank functions, the “CoolControl” intelligent control system monitors the operation of tank components such as the compressors, agitators, wash pump and the power supply. Should a problem be detected you will be alerted on the LCD screen and via SMS.

Remote diagnostics via the built-in GSM module allows faster response to service questions.

Reporting and Controlling
From your mobile phone you can query the current status of the tank and send commands. A status query SMS will report the current mode and temperature or, if the current mode is idle, will report the last mode and time. Sending a command via SMS can start or stop cooling for example.

Example - Intelligent Control

Following milk collection the system recognizes that the empty tank should be washed.

If washing is not activated within a set time an alert is sent via SMS.

Following a partial milk collection the system recognizes that there is still milk in the tank.

If cooling is not restarted manually it will be automatically restarted and an alert sent via SMS.

Milk Level Detection

The “SwiftCool” Milk Tank with “CoolControl” offers built-in electronic level detection as standard enabling permanent monitoring of the milk or wash water level in the tank. With an accuracy of a few millimeters, the level detection provides the following benefits:

  • ✔ Cooling is optimized to the level of milk in the tank.

  • ✔ The inadvertent over-filling of the tank can be avoided.

  • ✔ Consistent level of water is filled for washing ensuring an accurate detergent concentration for optimum cleaning and enabling a faster wash cycle.

Faster, cleaner washing

The “SwiftCool” wash system has been designed to provide powerful, thorough and fast cleaning. The wash system has been tested using fluorescence testing techniques for complete confidence in the cleaning system design.

With wash meter level measurement as standard, faster filling and accurate water quantity is ensured. A powerful, high capacity stainless steel bodied wash pump delivers fast and thorough cleaning. The self-draining pump and pipe work ensures no stagnant water remains.
With a selection of wash modes and a range of options that can be tailored to the farm, the SwiftCool Wash System offers the flexibility you want. The wash modes available are:

  • ✔ Full wash – includes hot main wash.

  • ✔ Cold wash.

  • ✔ Quick wash.

  • ✔ Acid wash (default 1 in 7).

  • ✔ Sanitiser wash (optional).

Within each mode the options which can be modified include:

  • ✔ Number of pre-rinses.

  • ✔ Duration of the main wash.

  • ✔ Number of post rinses.

  • ✔ Acid wash frequency.


The SwiftCool system is based on proven direct expansion technology, using laser welded evaporator plates combined with high efficiency condensing units. A flooded evaporator system or a chilled water jacket is also available.

Night Saver Mode

At the core of the CoolControl system is intelligent cooling. In addition to the standard Cool and Deep Cool modes, the CoolControl system incorporates Night Saver mode which can reduce cooling costs by up to a further 8%.