Our goals:
  • Build the world's most modern livestock farms
  • To produce milking parlors and agricultural machinery using the latest technological developments
  • Introduce effective energy-saving technologies for feeding and keeping cattle on livestock farms
  • Provide only best solutions for our clients

Manure removal

Regular manure removal is an important condition during keeping cows in cowsheds. Manure removal is one of the most complicated technological processes on farm. Cow’s health and hygiene conditions in cowshed depends on regular manure removal. Manure removal system of high quality will significantly reduce dangerous nitrogen gases amount and will change general microclimate on the farm, increasing all of the efficiency characteristics of farm operations.

  • Manure removal scraper for loose cows.
  • Sweeper
  • Pumps and mixer-blenders for wet manure
  • Manure separator

  • Sweeper

    Designing, equipment and installations manufacturing for the production of yoghurt, kefir, sour cream, fermented baked milk and other fermented products, as well as acidified milk.

    Pumps and mixer-blenders

    Designing, manufacturing of installations and machines for production of raw and semi-boiled cheese, pasta Filata, ricotta and others.


    The main destination of manure separator – manure drying. After processing in separator manure loses from 15 to 35% of humidity, which increases dry basis concentration, improving inherent specifications of final fertilize.

    Drinking bowls for cows and calves

    Each farm must supply cattle with clear water. To achieve this, you will need special engineered constructions – water supply system, individual and group automatic drinking pans.

    Drinking pans manufactured from high-grade materials – stainless steel, enameled cast iron and safe polymers.

    For water warming and circulation supply organization to automatic drinking pans special systems are designed. They designed to prevent drinking pans freeze during winter period. Water warming systems automatized water supply for cows and integrates into pre-prepared pipelines.

    In our catalog you will find cow’s drinking pans manufactured by well-known german manufacturer SUEVIA. SUEVIA company provides you drinking pans and drinking equipment for successful cattle keeping of any age.

Group tipping drinking pan with float valve SUEVIA

Thermal drinking pan with warming 2.3 m. SUEVIA model 6523 supplied with heating element. 

Drinking pan ISOBAC heated

Cow's brushes

Cow’s brushes are used to maintain cow’s cleanliness and hygiene. Clean and healthy cow guarantees high dairy rates. Clean wool helps in thermal exchange and comfort cow’s keeping. Cows likes to rub against different things – this is inherent in their nature. This is the reason, why leading specialists of farm equipment companies have developed a unique device – cow’s brushes. They designed in such a way, that they are able to withstand the cow’s effort saving their position and shape. 

Cow’s brushes characterized by following properties:

  • European manufacturing, durable construction and high quality materials guarantees device’s long-term usage and reliability.
  • Brush are made of high quality nylon, which will not bring any discomfort to the cow.
  • Bristles of different sizes and hardness.
  • Using automatic brushes, you may adjust rotary speed and direction.

Active two-elemental automatic brush for two cows.

Active single-element automatic brush for a single cow.

Stationary single-element automatic cow’s brush.

Automatic active single-element straight cow’s brush.

Mechanical passive L-shaped cow’s brush TEXAS

Hoof treatment equipment

Regardless from cattle keeping conditions its beneficial to regularly inspect of each cow to have complete representation of the cow’s health. Timely performed veterinary and preventive procedures, including hoof treatment, provides an opportunity to diagnose and prevent possible consequences of illness. Hoof trimming is a preventive arrangement, its needed because prevent illness always easier that treat cattle later. You may use nippers or scissors and etc.

For these purposes you can also use a hoof machine, the design of which provides to fix all of the cow’s limbs (surround them on sides), taking into account the specifics of their anatomy. Cow’s movement isn’t restricted and cow easily enters the machine. Limb holders fixes the hoof in convenient position. Such a machine is easy to use and may be operated by a single person, and also it is simple to move.

Hoof treatment equipment advantages:

  • Regular hoof trimming increases cattle’s dairy productivity and lifespan.
  • Easy access to cattle
  • Easy to expand it for a specific individual
  • Reduces physical loads
  • Complete safety for cows and farmers

Hoof treatment equipment Taurofix

Galvanized hoof treatment equipment PW-2

Polycarbonate windows

An alternative to PVC curtains! Polycarbonate has a huge impact durability and also have a little weight. A high-strength, torsion and bend-resistant aluminum profile serves as bearing slide for moving the windows.

  • High light transmission (up to 86%)
  • Huge impact durability (in a 200 times more durable than glass)
  • Endurance, invariability of properties
  • High thermal insulation properties
  • High safety level comparing with glass (polycarbonate will not break to shards because of hit)
  • Lightness (Weights up to 16 times lesser than glass)
  • Windows constructions allowed to simultaneously close or open all of the windows.

Working temperature: from -50 to +100 degree Celsius.

Warranty: From 10 to 12 years.

Ideal for both separate and solid window openings!

Cowsheds and dairy blocks ventilation

Light aeration skates are installed to increase illumination level and ventilation productivity in livestock complexes premises.

Acceleration cowshed and dairy block’s fans are used to favorable microenvironment creation, increasing cattle’s lifespan and reducing power consumption. They are universal, durable and productive, have excellent aerodynamic properties and suitable in forming favorable microenvironment in large rooms.

Fans works silently thankfully to aerodynamic appearance of the functional wheel.

Acceleration fans:

  • Guarantee redundant warm and humidity removal.
  • Ensures a little differ between outside and inside temperatures.
  • Guarantee perceptible “chill” due to high air speed in summer.
  • Ensures steady distribution of heat in winter.

Polycarbonate windows

UV-ray resistant, translucent sunshades, descending from top to bottom.

  • Adverse weather conditions protection.
  • Heat balance saving.
  • Natural light provision
  • Low and high temperatures resistance.

Rubber mats for cows and stalls

Regularly, on farms and complexes concrete floor cover with a thin layer of bedding, which is still not able to make it comfortable and convenient for the cow. Lying cow will feel discomfort, which leads to cow’s stress condition and negatively causes on its productivity.

Rubber cattle mats have been developed to provide optimal comfort level for cows. They are made by high quality rubber, which are able to resist highest loads, which may occur in livestock complex conditions. Cow’s mats are consisting of several layers which allows to make cattle farm staying comfortable and convenient. Manufacturers imitates grassland surface, reducing injury and mastitis infection risks. Moreover, mats are more hygienic than regular beddings.

Rubber stall mats advantages:

  • Reduces risks of mastitis infection, hoof diseases, cuts.
  • Preventatively effects on the cow’s joints.
  • Reduces bedding amount by 80%.
  • Great insulation properties due to waterproof properties.
  • Increasing quality and amount of produced milk.
  • Excellent value for money and quality.

We provide mats of well-known European companies – Kraiburg (German), Easyfix (Ireland), Agricow (Italy) and others.

Manufacturers provides mats of following usage:

Cow and stall mats and mattresses

Mats for tied cows

Calf mats

Maternity ward mats