Up and Over Backing Gate

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Up & Over Backing Gate

The "Up and Over" Backing Gate is suitable for use in rectangular collecting yards. The backing gate is fixed to a rigid beam, which travels on two tracks at both sides. When the gate is fully advanced the operator may at the touch of a button easily lift the backing gate up and over a subsequent group of cows. The gate is then lowered behind the group, ready for advancement as required. The Up and Over Backing Gate can optionally be set for automatic advancement, whereby once a predetermined number of cows have entered the parlour the backing gate automatically advances saving you time and effort.

An innovative and intelligent feature available is Dairymaster's auto advance. Where Dairymaster Auto ID is installed, auto advance can automatically advance the backing gate after a pre-determined number of cows have entered the parlor - removing the need for the operator to push any buttons and thereby saving time. The "Up and Over" Backing Gate integrates with our automatic scraper system. The operator can control gate advancement from anywhere in the pit. When the gate is in the reverse position the scraper attachment is lowered to the ground with industrial air cylinders in order to commence scraping. The Up and Over Scraper Backing Gate is designed to ensure that the scraper follows the contours of the collecting yard in order to ensure a better scrape.

Key features & benefits

  • ✔ Ensures good cow flow.
  • ✔ Ideal for when milking group of cows.
  • ✔ Robust construction.
  • ✔ Labor saving.
  • ✔ Gate can be raised to allow unhindered cow access.
  • ✔ Can be customized to suit almost any collecting yard or customer requirements.
  • ✔ Scraper attachment optional.